About Maro

Maro is a family business founded in Halmstad in 1948. We manufacture blow moulded plastic bottles and packaging of the highest quality for customers all over Europe.

Our products provide beauty articles, medicines and food with a selling and sustainable packaging. Specially designed solutions are part of our DNA and we have many customers who need know-how beyond the ordinary. All work is performed in-house, from design to full-scale production.

10 reasons to choose Maro

  • High quality
  • Production of functional bottles that attract attention
  • Flexible production
  • Family business with an entrepreneurial spirit and technical skill
  • Technology, materials, skills and design
  • Standard range and special bottles in customized design
  • In-house CAD studio for 3D drawings and 3D models
  • Quality mould for reliable production
  • Ongoing sustainability work
  • Constantly testing new environmentally friendly materials

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