New prestigious order

To a customer in one of our neighboring countries, we have had the opportunity to deliver our unique deo concept, only consisting of a bottle, roll-on ball and cap.

By integrating the ball seat in the deodorant bottle, our customer not only saw the benefits of the large cost savings but also a reduced environmental impact and simplified logistics.


The new Enviro+

On behalf of a customer, we have tested our new recycling material (PCR) Enviro+ with very good results. Enviro+ is a hybrid material consisting of 50% recycled material and 50% conventional material.

The origin of the recycled material comes from a procured return system, which means that you as a customer can always feel confident that you get the same quality and appearance of the bottles. The properties of the PCR material are better than its predecessor because it smells less, and its own color is more white than gray.


60 ml disinfectant bottle

From out of nowhere we find ourselves in a pandemic that has paralyzed the whole world. Together with our partner, we have developed a packaging concept to reduce the spread of infection.

A 60 ml disinfectant bottle that fits perfectly in your pocket, bag, office and in the car. If you are looking for a larger bottle, we recommend our 500 ml bottles that you will find in our standard range.