Design – from idea to product

We offer high quality, flexibility and a lot of know-how at all stages of the process. Our specialty is designed bottles up to 500 ml. With our own inhouse 3D studio and long experience, we have the understanding and competence to provide you as a customer with cost-effective solutions.

A mix of technology, materials, accuracy and creativity

We like challenges. Our bottles must meet many different requirements from manufacturer to consumer. They must have the right volume, fit a label, be durable and not leak, fit on the store shelf and stand firmly. In addition, the end customer wants a bottle that looks nice and feels good in the hand.

Problem-solving skills

Have you ever experienced damaged bottles that cause problems with labeling or leakage due to different parts not being manufactured to dimensions that are compatible with each other? At Maro, we look at the entire solution so that you always get a product in a quality that works. Both in terms of materials, construction and design.

Let’s create together

Ideally, you involve us early in the project so that your product gets a design that also works in the production process. You save both time and money and get a stylish, smart and economical solution. We manufacture special bottles of the highest quality designed for leading brands in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foods.

Special design that attracts attention


There are many parameters that determine the final design of a package. If you have an idea for a new bottle – let's meet and draw a draft together. With our long experience, we can decide early on whether an idea is suitable for production or needs to be adjusted.

3D sketch

In our CAD studio, we produce 3D drawings that you can study from all angles and in different colors. Then we make adjustments until everyone is satisfied.


The next step is to develop 3D models that provide additional opportunities for fine-tuning. After that, the design is ready to be realized – and then it will also meet all different requirements.

Develop precision mould

The secret behind a good plastic bottle is a precision mould. Through long experience of our own production of quality mould, we have gained a wide background knowledge. Today we use well-reputed Scandinavian mould manufacturers who guarantee high quality.


We care about a consistent and high level in our own production. Through our close collaborations, we can also ensure early in the process that the bottle and cap fit together for the best function.


We work quickly and flexibly and make sure you get your products on time. Quality and reliability towards our customers are something we do not compromise on.